From the small to the large, we help them all. Our team of caring staff and vets helps with animals from cats and dogs, to small farm animals such as chickens, ducks and turkeys, to the larger animals like lions, tigers, and bears…and horses of course! We’re here to help you and your animal crew in health and happiness. We even work with the Space Farms Zoo to tend to their lions, tigers and bears…really, and all their other animals too.

So whether you have catastrophe cat, disaster dog, or the purr-fect pet, we can help, whatever the size. Our pet hospital is ready to take care of all of your beloved pets needs. Contact us for more information, or to book your appointment or farm call.

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Did you know? When not helping animals in the United States, Dr. Spinks often travels around the world to help animals and further his veterinary education and experience. He goes to places such as Africa, Dubai, and all around the world to make sure that he’s always learning so Kitty, Spot, or even Goliath the Bear will always have the best of care.