The original Animal Hospital of Sussex County was constructed in 1986 using architectural plans meeting the standards of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). A complete renovation and expansion was completed in 2000. The Hospital undergoes a biennial review to maintain its membership in this prestigious organization.

Each of our exam rooms is equipped with a wireless network with telemedicine digital and television monitors. The Doctors also use the a wide variety of online sources to help educate you on the well-being of your pet.

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Hematology Chemistry Lab

The Abaxis units can do a Complete Blood Count including platelets, full panel chemistry screens including electrolytes, PT/PTT(clotting factor times), thryoid screening and fibrinogen. All of these tests can be run throughout the day or night in less than 20 minutes and are checked for accuracy with our reference lab, Antech, to conform to the AAHA standards. Twice a day pick up of specimens is now available ensuring timely analysis.

Swift Digital Microscope

The Digital Microscope transfers the image of the slide over to the flat panel computer screen so the client may view the cytology. Dr. Spinks has a strong interest in histology, parasitology, ultrasonology, and cytology and recently purchased these high tech instruments. He feels that it is important that the client understands the cellular changes and how we can treat the problem.

The machines were purchased new, recently, and are vital for not only the diagnosis of conditions, but also in pre and post surgical screenings. The clotting times are used to prevent complications with bleeding.