Winter Flea Prevention for Pets

Just look at that – where did the time go? We were just talking about Halloween safety and all of a sudden we’re full swing into the winter holiday season. The weather is getting colder, and us and our pets are starting to spend more time inside, which is a great time to start thinking about winter flea prevention for your pets.

Many people choose to forego application and administration of flea and tick preventatives in the winter months, assuming that because temperatures drop, fleas and ticks are no longer an issue. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We already talked about the importance of year round heartworm prevention in dogs in an earlier blog, and felt it was equally important to address those pesky fleas.

As the weather gets colder and your cats and dogs start spending more time inside, guess what comes with them? Yup, fleas! Yuck! Believe it or not, fleas can survive in temperatures in the 30s outside, and when the temperatures drop, they look for hosts – such as your pet – to take them to warmer weather for the winter. Once inside the house, fleas can drop off your pet and make themselves cozy just about anywhere there is animal dander – in the carpet, on the couch, even in your bed! Even more concerning is this quote from that talks about how fleas can actually become dormant for extended amounts of time until the climate is more ideal and to their liking.

Flea pupae can remain dormant for over a year until the surroundings have reached ideal temperatures. Once conditions are ideal (either inside or outside), the pupae will complete their development and emerge from their cocoons en masse, resulting in a surge of activity both on and off your pets.

A year! Talk about having some unwelcome houseguests that overstay their welcome. So if you don’t want fleas crashing your holiday party, here’s what you can do.

  • Keep Flea Protection Going Year Round
    Fleas would love a break from the regular regimen, but why give them the chance? Read our Flea, Tick, and Heartworm control page for recommendations on what is right for your cat or dog.
  • The Vacuum Is Your Friend
    Fleas can come in on fur, clothes, and even be carried from strays and expose your pet. Year round prevention is key, but if you find some unwelcome house guests, pick up the vacuum and whisk them away!
  • If Your Pet is Infested, Talk to your Vet and Groomer!
    Many people don’t realize that getting rid of an infestation can be solved with a trip to the vet and groomer, and a good cleaning of the house – even in winter when everyone is spending more time inside. But if your dog or cat’s fleas (and any flea eggs) aren’t properly eradicated, all that cleaning will be for naught. Did you know, we have a master groomer right here on site, so you can get the flea prevention you need at the same time your dog or cat (yes we groom cats too!) is cleaned up and becomes flea-free!
  • winter flea prevention for pets

    Leave those fleas outside, and bring your pets in!

    So leave those fleas out in the snow, and make sure you keep your pet protected from fleas all year long!

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