Tips to Beat the Heat with Your Pets

Summer is officially here, and while for many of us that means hot days in the sun, hanging out poolside, or any other number of fun activities, it’s important that we remember to keep our furry friends safe when the temperature rises.

Water and Pool Pet Safety


Pick up a life jacket for your dog next time you’re in the office!

For many cats, and even some dogs, water isn’t a fun thing, but there are those that love to go for a swim. Whether it’s in a pool, a lake, or even joining you on a boat, be sure that Fido’s always supervised when in the water. If you’re going to be away from land, such as on a boat or anywhere with a current such as a river or even in the ocean, a life jacket is always a good idea. You can find doggie life jackets at most pet supply stores. We have a selection in our store Bloomingtails, which is located at our office, so pick one up next time you are in! Keeping Fido afloat is much easier than trying to fish out your furry friend when they get tired, or picked up by a current and carried away from where you are.

Keeping Cool

While water is one way to keep your pet cool, be sure to always provide shade and plenty of fresh water. Just like people, when it gets hotter out, we all need to drink more – dogs and cats too! And if you want to go somewhere, it’s better in the summer to leave your pets at home. Even with windows partially open, the inside of a car can heat up to well over 150 degrees in a matter of minutes in the sun. Heat stroke can kill your beloved pet very very quickly, so better to leave your loved furred friends at your place, and venture out without them in the summer days.

Outdoor Activities

Some things that dogs may love, such as hiking and jogging, can quickly turn tragic in the summer heat. If you’re an avid hiker or an everyday jogger, and Spot is used to going with you, consider changing your schedule to go early in the morning or later in the evening rather than midday under the peak height of the sun. Even if you bring water for Spot and yourself, a hike that’s easy in spring and fall can become deadly in the summer. Remember, your dog can’t sweat like you can, so they have to rely on panting to regulate their body temperature and it is a lot harder to cool their bodies down during activity. If your pup absolutely loves hiking, try to select trails that have water along the way so that they can rehydrate and even jump in and cool down mid-hike.

The dog (and cat) days of summer can be lots of fun with your pets, and staying alert and prepared helps everyone to enjoy things safely. Whether it’s always keeping water on hand, limiting road trips with your pup, or buying a properly fitting life jacket so your dog can come with you on your aquatic adventures, a little preparation goes a long way towards keeping you and your animals safe and happy all summer long!

A kiddie pool is an inexpensive way to keep your dog comfortable in the heat.


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