Pets Getting High On Their Owners Supply

“Vets Warn Cannabis Users To Make Sure Pets Don’t Consume The Products”

Recently, Dr. Spinks was featured on News 12 New Jersey to warn pet owners across the state to make sure they keep their ‘stash’ hidden. With the recent legalization of marijuana and likely increase of usage, the dangers of your pets ingesting any THC products will increase as well. While usually THC ingestion in pets is not life threatening, it can still be detrimental to their health and should be avoided. Signs of marijuana toxicosis include dilated pupils, loss of balance or incontinence. Dr. Spinks says if anyone sees their pet actually eat the marijuana, they have 30 minutes to induce vomiting. Anyone who is concerned should immediately contact a veterinarian.

Take a look at the video and interview with Dr. Spinks by clicking HERE.

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