Keeping Pets Entertained Indoors During Bad Weather

The cold winter weather is upon us, and for some that means staying inside where it’s warm! Some people run for the slopes at the first sign of snow, but others like to spend some time indoors when the weather isn’t so nice. Read on to learn about some of our favorite ways to keep your pets entertained indoors during bad weather.

  • Create an indoor training course or brush up on obedience training – Spending the day with your furry friend is a great time to brush up on some old skills, or even learn some new ones! A great interactive toy is called a Snuffle Mat. Essentially a large piece of cloth with spaces to hide treats, these mats encourage your dog to use their largest muscle – their nose! 
  • Stock up on favorite toys – We all know each of our pets has a favorite toy (just like kids!). Stock up on specific things ahead of time that you know your pet likes, that way if you’re stuck inside for a while you can keep them entertained with a new item! We particularly like the Kong brand, which makes sturdy rubber toys that work for even the toughest chewers. Kong also offers a paste to fill them with, which is eerily similar to EZ-Cheese! (You can learn more about the stuffing here.)
  • Do a stairs workout – If you find you and your pet could use some exercise while stuck inside, then utilize your steps! If you have a set of stairs in your house, then take turns running up and down them with your pet, just make sure you’re careful while you’re doing so! 
  • Snuggle session – If exercise isn’t your thing, then do the opposite – have a major snuggle session! Find your most comfortable spot to curl up with your pet, add all the warm fluffy blankets you can, pop on a movie and stay inside! 

Keeping Pets Entertained Indoors During Bad Weather

  • Grooming & spa day – With the world as unsure as it is, your pet may not be seeing the groomer like they usually do. So why not have a spa day for you both since you’re stuck inside!? Our only suggestion, is if your pet requires a haircut that you use caution because you don’t want to have any mishaps with the scissors!
  • Blow bubbles – You probably haven’t blown bubbles since you were a child! Dogs love to chase bubbles, and you can even try catnip bubbles that are infused with catnip to drive your cat wild! This simple game could keep you AND your pets entertained for hours!
  • Go to a pet friendly store – If you’re able to get out and about and just need somewhere to go with your pet, then try a local store! Of course you can always visit larger chain stores like PetSmart, but small town stores could use the extra love this holiday season! There’s a few local stores we recommend. First is  Living Pawsitively located in Lafayette, Maxwell & Molly’s who have multiple locations like Sparta & Hamburg, and WaggMore Pet Boutique located in Sparta. 

All in all, there’s plenty of things to do if you’re stuck inside this Winter (and even more to do if you can go outside!) Keep an eye on our blogs throughout the season for more tips & tricks for your pets! You can always schedule an appointment for your pet as well by calling us at 973-579-1155.

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