Preventing and controlling fleas and ticks on your pets as well as preventing hear worm infestation is an incredibly important part of routine dog and cat care. Fleas and ticks are external parasites, while heartworms fall into the internal parasite category along with other common worms such as roundworms. Any parasite can be a danger to your pet so it is important to have a solid plan for prevention and parasite control. The team at the Animal Hospital of Sussex County is here to help you manage all of your pet’s parasite control needs.

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Feline Flea and Tick Control

AHSC recommends Bravecto for cats. Safe and effective, it protects your cat from fleas and heartworms as well as other common parasites such as roundworms and ear mites. Applied topically once every 12 weeks, it’s great for cats that can be hard to give oral medication to, or picky eaters that turn up their nose at flavored chews. Just one application covers your cat from the most common parasites they encounter, keeping them healthy and giving you peace of mind.

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Canine Flea and Tick Control

Introducing the all new Bravecto® – long lasting innovation in external parasite protection for your dog in convenient, easy to feed tablets that protects your dog for 12 weeks at a time! No monthly reapplication, no worry about getting your dog wet, or needing a bath. Just feed your dog the tasty chew, and he’s protected! Read our blog feature with more information on Bravecto, check out the Bravecto Guide, and book your visit to start your dog on the best flea and tick control out there today!

For Lyme disease prevention, there are also options for vaccinations. We recommend the Vanguard crLyme by Zoetis as it has the most thorough coverage of any vaccine on the market today. It is a simple 2 dose series initially, followed by an annual revaccination whenever your dog comes for their regular shots and checkup.

Canine Heartworm and Intestinal Worm Control

While flea and tick protection is important for your dog for external parasites, dogs are also likely to pick up worms such as round, tape, and heartworms, among others. The Animal Hospital of Sussex County recommends Interceptor® which protects your dog from heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and kills flea eggs. It’s safe for all breeds of dogs, and you can read even more on the Interceptor website. Even better, Interceptor is safe to use with Bravecto so your pet is fully covered! Ready to take the next step in canine protection? Contact us and we’ll get you and your dog on the road to coverage!