Fall Safety Tips for Dogs and Cats

It seems like it was just yesterday that it was summer (oh wait, last week it was!), and we were out enjoying the beach, pool parties and BBQ’s, and helping you keep your pets safe from getting into the leftovers or sharing tips to keep them comfortable during summer fireworks. Now the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and there’s another slew of holidays on the way as we head into fall. So thanks to the help of Trupanion Pet Insurance, we’ve pulled together fall safety tips for dogs and cats, so you can keep your pets safe this autumn season!


Fall Safety Tips for Dogs and Cats

Tip #1: Make sure your pup is current on vaccinations. Dogs can get the flu too (the doggie version) and as the temperatures drop, it’s easy for your dog’s immune system to fluctuate and make them prone to the dog flu virus as well as other colds.


Tip #2: Keep out unwanted guests! As the weather gets colder, mice and other rodents along with the snakes that eat them and even bugs like ants and spiders, are more likely to make their way to warmer areas, such as in your house. Keep out these unwanted guests by closing up any holes along your foundation and always make sure any rodenticide, snake repellent, and insecticide you may use is well out of reach of your pets as they are often highly toxic to cats and dogs. Even walking through a treated area and then licking the residue off the fur can cause severe poisoning. Stick to organic and natural alternatives instead.

murphy lobster dog

Murphy of Bone Appetite pet store in CT loves Halloween (but his belly doesn’t love candy – so keep it out of reach)!


Tip #3: No Tricks for Treats. Halloween is a popular time for people to be buying candy and other goodies to give out to trick-or-treaters, however chocolate and other candies can make your pet dangerously ill. Make sure that any goodies are kept securely away from cats and dogs – and make sure that they stay on their regular diets as well so that they don’t pack on extra pounds going into winter!


Tip #4: Watch out for allergies. Just like humans, dogs and cats can suffer from seasonal allergies. Be diligent in monitoring your pet and if you notice an allergy-like symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or itching, make an appointment with your veterinarian so your pet can be comfortable regardless of the season.


Tip #5: Don’t spill the anti-freeze! When getting ready for winter, it’s common for people to check and change their vehicle’s engine coolant, however anti-freeze is extremely toxic to cats and dogs, and its sweet smell makes it even more dangerous. Many dogs and cats are drawn to the semi-sweet odor and are at risk of ingesting the poisonous liquid. Just a little anti-freeze can cause severe liver and kidney damage and even death – so make sure any work you do with the substance is far away from your furry friend, and that any drained liquid is properly disposed of.


Want more fall safety tips for dogs and cats? Download the full brochure published by our friends at Trupanion by clicking on the image below, for even more helpful information to keep your dog and cat safe this autumn.



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