Dog Friendly Spots in Sussex County

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One of the biggest benefits of living in Sussex County, New Jersey is always be so close to nature. Almost everyone in Sussex County is used to the nature, wildlife, and domestic animal, which makes bringing your pet on adventures with you extremely easy. Whether you want to bring your dog on a hike, to a near-by dog park, or to a dog-friendly lake or pond, there are so many dog friendly spots in Sussex County, making it easy to enjoy a fun filled day with your four-legged friend. There are also a few popular pet-friendly spots that include shopping! Here is a list of some dog-friendly spots in Sussex County that you can bring your dog to, so you can both enjoy getting out of the house.

  • Olde Lafayette Village – This quint shopping center is home to a few popular outlet stores, eateries, and boutique shops. The village is a go to dog friendly spot in Sussex County for many pet owners. The Village encourages guests to bring their dogs by offering gated dog play areas, dog water stations, and even has a store called the Village Barkery. Most shops allow dogs to enter, but all dogs must be leashed and owners must pick up after their pets.
  • Paulinskill Valley Trail and Sussex Branch Trail – If you are looking for an outdoorsy spot to take your dog, then you’ll love the Kittatinny Valley State Park trails. Both the Paulinskill Valley Trail and the Sussex Branch Trail are pet friendly, though dogs are to remain leashed. You have the option of picking trails that vary in difficulty, length, and terrain. If your dog likes water, you can let your dog swim in the lakes and ponds along the trails! The popular entrances to trails are located in Newton.
  • Wantage Dog Park – One of the biggest dog parks in Sussex County, the Wantage Dog Park offers 8 acres of land for your dog to play off-leash! There is a designated small dog play area, an agility course, open fields, water areas, and shady pavilions. It is the perfect spot for your dog to play with other dogs, learn more about agility courses, or to just relax.
  • The Scranberry Scoop – Do you love walking through antique shops but hate that you can’t bring your dog inside with you? If so, visiting the Scranberry Scoop located in Andover is the spot for you. This dog friendly antique shopping spot is the perfect getaway for a quiet afternoon or when it is a rainy day outside.
  • Vernon Off-Leash Park – Offering 2 acres of land, the Vernon Off-Leash Dog Park is another area that you can let you dog meet new friends while getting some exercise. Bring a tennis ball, frisbee, and some snacks and enjoy spending quality time with your dog. There are sitting areas for the owners and dogs alike.
  • The Westfall Winery – Located in Montague, the Westfall Winery is both pet-friendly and family friendly. You can taste the local wines, set up a “bring your own picnic”, and enjoy the farm setting around you. Dogs must remain on the leash.

There are so many dog friendly spots in Sussex County! Remember that you should always check for leash rules before letting your dog off leash in a new area. If you will be hiking a lot, you should also be sure that you dog is up-to-date on all important vaccines such as the Lyme vaccine and the lepto vaccine. If you have any questions about your dog’s vaccination history, contact the vets at Caring Vets to learn more about what your dog needs to stay healthy for all of your upcoming adventures.

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