At the Animal Hospital of Sussex County, we understand the importance of advanced technology in providing quality diagnostics for your cat or dog. Our diagnostic technology for pets includes a digital radiograph machine for high quality digital x-rays, along with our digital ultrasound machine that allows our veterinarians to be able to more accurately and quickly diagnose your pet so that they can be on the road to recovery even sooner.

Whether your pet is having skeletal issues and needs an x-ray, or soft tissue issues that can be better found with an ultrasound, we have the technology and tools to get the answers you need.

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Digital Radiographs

We utilize a digital x-ray machine to be able to effectively and efficiently diagnose any internal / skeletal issues your pet may have. The digital radiograph machine by Quantum Medical Imaging utilizes modern technology to allow clear, cost-effective radiographic images of your pet so we can reach a diagnosis and determine treatment as soon as possible.

The GE LOGIQ e Vet digital ultrasound machine at AHSC

Digital Ultrasound

The Animal Hospital of Sussex County has a digital ultrasound machine manufactured by GE. The LOGIQ™ e Vet allows our team of veterinarians to do in house ultrasound exams for immediate and accurate views of your pet. This means that when your dog or cat is having an issue, we can do the ultrasound diagnostics in house, and have answers fast so that we can work together to develop a plan for recovery.


The innovative Icare® TONOVET tonometer accurately measures the intraocular pressure on animal patients. Because it is painless and creates no anxiety, it allows our vets to provide eye pressure testing without the need for topical corneal anesthetic.

We also have a Doppler flow master blood pressure monitoring system so that we can continuously monitor your pet’s blood pressure.

If you have any questions on the digital radiograph and ultrasound technology we use, or any of our , or to schedule an appointment for your pet. please feel free to contact us! Located in Sussex County in Augusta, New Jersey, we’re easy to get to and always happy to hear from you.