Camille Re

Certified Feline Behaviorist

A Sussex County resident for 30 years, Camille owns the business ‘HelpMeowt‘ and is the only Certified Feline Behaviorist in Sussex County who offers consultations that address challenging feline behaviors such as:

  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Cats & territorial/destructive behavior
  • Transitioning to a multi-cat/pet home
  • Other concerns regarding their environment, etc.

Camille is a graduate of Animal Behavior College and she is certified in the following areas: Feline Behaviorist, Health & Nutrition, First Aid/CPR & Message Therapy and she is also FearFree® Certified. Additional services include consultations and classes on the basic care of cats and the do’s and don’ts. Importantly, identifying what is a good fit for you & your family, your lifestyle, and personality. Do you desire a shelter cat or a pedigree breed? Did you recently inherit a cat? Should you get more then 1 cat?  There’s so many variables when it comes to choosing your new best friend & to feline behavior, and Camille is here to help!

Camille will be seeing appointments at the clinic on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays in our separate exam room where our feline friends can feel their most comfortable. To set up an appointment, just give us a call at 973-579-1155. You can also check out the HelpMeowt Facebook page by clicking here.