Safety Tips for Autumn Walks – Be SEEN!

Autumn is finally here and the leaves have fallen from the trees, but believe it or not it can still be difficult to see you and your pet while you’re out on your daily walk. We’re back with some safety tips to consider while on your next walk. Whether you enjoy strolling down Main Street or out in nature on a trail, you want to make sure you’re SEEN at all times! Of course, going for a walk can be simple, but why not take a few extra precautions to make sure you and your pet are safe.

SSafety First: Always consider the time frame and surroundings when you’re taking your pet out for a walk. Late night walks are better suited for well lit areas, just like hikes through the woods are better during the day. Knowing your whereabouts as well as who and what kind of animals you may encounter is also something to keep in mind. If your pet is reactive to other dogs, then a dog park or nature trail known for having a lot of dogs on it probably isn’t the best option. The best way to avoid issues is knowing where you’re going.

EElectronic Collars & Leashes: There’s a plethora of options on the market when it comes to lighting up your pet at night. From reflective leashes, collars & harnesses, to rechargeable options you can deck your pet out in the latest gear, or just give them a little reflective touch. Check out this list from with the 14 Best Reflective Dog Collars etc. for a safe night walk.

EEnsure They’re Secure! Before heading out on your adventure, always double check your leash is completely secure. Occasionally leash clips can malfunction, so double check that your pet is completely attached before you start your walk. If you’re utilizing a harness, make sure the clips are all in working order and the harness is appropriately sized so your pet can’t pull out of it. Take a look at the 11 Best Dog Leashes of 2022 by the NY Times for some top-notch suggestions.

NNeon Colors: You’ve probably seen a person or two in Sussex County wearing neon green or orange for hunting, but wearing these colors can be helpful for everyone! has some great tips on how to wear the proper colors and also which ones to avoid. By simply sporting neon colors on your walk, you help passerby’s (and even hunters in the woods) know that you’re there, because your safety matters!

So before you head out on your next walk, make sure you remember to be SEEN! You can learn more Fall safety tips in our blog post from last year, or contact us to set up an appointment!

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